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Kids Love Mysteries; Author Visits Promote Interest in Reading and Writing

June Weltman visits schools and libraries to bring mysteries, reading, and writing alive for students in grades 4 to 8. Meeting an author in person fires children's excitement about reading and the writing process – from first inspiration to final editing. Readers at all levels find new motivation to tackle stories filled with suspense and mystery.

Her school presentations for small and large groups reflect her experiences as a reporter, writer, editor, and author and, most of all, her own love of reading and writing. She also leads workshops on mystery writing for smaller groups of students (maximum 18).

June teaches adult education workshops in "Writing Mysteries for Children and Teens" and is available to speak to organizations and at conferences and book festivals.

E-mail the author for more information.

Student Comments:

When you came to my school I sat and enjoyed hearing you talk about your book ideas and your life....That book is one of the first mysteries I’ve ever read. But I liked your book so much I am going to start reading more mysteries.
--Middle school student

I really appreciate you coming to our class to help us with writing mysteries. I really enjoyed your book and can’t wait for a sequel.
--Middle school student

Teacher Comment:

Dear June,
Fernandina Beach Middle School was so honored to have you as 'our' author for the Authors-in-Schools' Program of Amelia Book Island Festival. Our One Book–One School project was a big success....I estimate that approximately 400 of our students enjoyed Miranda's trio of sleuths as they scurried about St. Augustine in search of clues....
The best part of the whole project, however, was your visit....Both assemblies of students enjoyed learning how the book came into being, hearing about your background and personal adventures, and receiving your encouragement for their own writing....Being able to read a book and then meet its author, who actually autographed everyone's copy, was a thrill for many, many students. Reading for some of us is as necessary as breathing; reading for others is a daunting, to-be-avoided experience. You pleased both audiences! For those who love reading, it was a delight to meet you. For those who are more reluctant, you showed that behind the pages of a book is a real person; perhaps this experience will make reading less frightening and more inviting for them in the future
--Ginny White, NBCT, Teacher for Gifted